What is Prepared(*)…

Prepared (*) exists help you stay safe in emergencies and know how to keep others safe as well, especially your family.

I run into too many dads who have a desire to protect their families and keep them safe but just don’t know how. And they’re often embarassed to ask other men for help.

I’m talking everything from Everyday Emergencies to full blown disasters.

Everyday Emergencies are things like broken bones, dealing with a car accident, or chasing off an unsafe dog.

Full disasters include events like tornadoes, wildfires, and active shooters.

Dads need to know how to deal with these things, seek help when needed, and stand tall as the calm in the chaos for their wives, their kids, and others to look to.


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I teach Dads, Moms, and others how to be PREPARED!

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Desires to be the rock that emergencies break themselves on

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About Me

You know those military guys all scruffy with their beards and ballcaps?

They look mean and rough, and you just know that they’re professionals who get things done.

That’s me, comoplete with the fierce red beard, except the thing is, I like to have fun.

I’ll teach you how to be PREPARED, but it won’t be a boot camp.

You’ll walk away with confidence, new skills, and practical experience.

Too many survivalists, preppers, and trainers think the only way to learn is by being mean and tearing you down. Not me. I like to put the pep back into prepping.

I’m a best-selling author cognitive psychology, experimental education, and martial arts. I’m also a decorated veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Army, and a founding member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Sure, I can kill a man with my bare hands, but I choose to use my powers for good.

More important than all the other parts of my resume, I’m a family guy. I’m married and the proud father of four free range boys and one princess that we homeschool. I understand the importance of protecting family.

I’m an expert in getting a family through anything from the most mundane things like 3 kids at one time with number 2 diapers to making it through hurricanes, forced evacuations, and pandemics.

Preparedness aside, my mission in life is to find the magical best mug of coffee in the world…

I’m still looking.