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Here’s a misc. pack of apocalyptic links and info for you.

I’m currently reading Countdown by Alan Weisman. I can attest like one of the comments in the ratings pic that it is utterly frightening. If you want exposure to an apocalyptic event with real-life potential, then check out this book.



Build a Bug Out Kindle: A Digital Survival Library at Your Fingertips from the Art of Manliness

Netflix has some really good apocalyptic movies in their Instant Play list, both fiction and non-fiction. I just finished watching the Discovery documentary Apocalypse How that was really good. Although I don’t agree with all the information presented, it’s a very good primer of the variety of causes for an apocalyptic event. Highlights include commentary by Neil Degrasse Tyson and a comparison between future disaster response and past ones. in other words, if you look at how well prepared we are as a people for pre- or post-disaster operations, if something big hits, most everyone will surely die.

Two of my fave quotes from the show are…

“Black holes are the universe’s cosmic carnivores.”

In reference to solar flares…”the solar equivalent of ‘roid rage.”

Feel free to tweet those.

Ebola is still a viable instrument in a pending apocalypse- Ebola Outbreak Grows With More Deaths in Liberia

Last night I watched a movie called After the Dark on Netflix. It dealt with a group of prep school students ruminating on who in a small group would survive a massive radiological event. It was actually a pretty good movie. I was pleasantly surprised.

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