Ferguson MO Spurs Several Localized Apocalypse Events

This post was written by a friend of our site in law enforcement who wises to remain anonymous for reasons of safety.

Please be careful as you travel through large American cities in the next few weeks. The events currently happening in Ferguson MO are not over and are likely to spread further. The recent funeral for Michael Brown and comments by Al Sharpton are calling black Americans to incite a race war in America.

Ferguson-MO-Michael Brown-riot

Talks about racial issues and problems are one thing, but the respondents to Sharpton’s comments seldom engage in dialogue. This is evidenced by the manner in which they looted their own town following the shooting.

Cities like Atlanta, Birmingham, Detroit, and Chicago are potential sites for riots and other violent actions instigated by Sharpton and others. Be careful as you go there for work or visits. Many of America’s large cities can be easily overrun by rioters and transformed into miniature apocalypse zones as they overwhelm civil authorities and ordinary citizens are unprepared or unwilling to defend themselves.

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