Updates on the Impending End Time- Ebola, Comic Books, and a Coming Winter

You should know by now from my previous posts that I’m an equal opportunity apocalypse kind of guy. I don’t believe it will come from one solitary source, but, rather, from a conflagration of events that all happen in a similar time period. With that said, I’d like to offer you an update on various potentialities that may occur.

I love to draw inspiration for potential events from fiction. I’m also a big comic book geek. Here’s a few comic books you may enjoy for a graphical representation of the apocalypse.

ONI Press has a title called The Bunker that deals with choices we make that influence events. Check out the Amazon page for a good description. It sounds like a good title, but I couldn’t secure a review copy to check it out for you.

I was really glad to see Chuck Dixon’s revival of Winterworld pop up at IDW. I’ve always been a fan of Dixon’s work from my wee childhood. His series deals with a post-apocalyptic world experiencing an eternal winter. For you Game of Thrones fans, winter isn’t coming. It’s already here. I am reading this series, and I love it! The previous version is out in trade paperback, single issues of the new series are available, and the trade of the current one is available for pre-order. You simply have to love the idea of a pet badger.


I picked up the first issue of Aspen’s Lola series just to check it out. It was kind of ho-hum. Future issues might show a unique spin on a post-disaster US, but the first issue just reminded me of everything that’s already been done and overdone. The covers for the series are great if you like badass apocalyptic chicks, but the character just doesn’t match the view.

I am a huge fan of Matt Hawkins’ comic books. He’s a main guru over at Top Cow, so I’d recommend picking up any of his works. Two of my favorites for apocalypse-related themes are Aphrodite IX, which takes place in the far future and also Wildfire. Although Wildfire hasn’t gone total big bad end of time yet, it might. It centers around the genetically modified food issue, which is one that is high on my list of potential causes for the end of days. One of the best aspects of his books is that although the book might be fiction, he presents a science class section at the end that explains the real science behind the story.


Ever wondered how dangerous a storm surge might be to various areas of the United States? Click HERE and wonder no more. I live in the coastal southeast US, no more than a mile from the ocean, so I know that a large enough storm will put my house underwater.

Your distance from trouble might be the only thing that saves you during a bad event. Check out this ARTICLE from Suarez International.

HERE is a link to CSPAN hearings on the ebola crisis. You know you love watching self-effacing politicians talk on CSPAN. Even so, despite the politicians, there’s a great deal of good information that is presented in the testimonies.

A little truth-telling about the ebola crisis occurs in this article from Wired magazine. We need more truth and less of the lies telling us not to worry.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers and his team of preppers, scientists, and reliable conspiracy theory wackos. You can always find me at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!

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