Want a Free US Map for Your Bug Out?

My wife and I just visited our local Cracker Barrel the other day for a date lunch. It was kind of nice to escape all four of the kids for an adult meal. Of course, the food was good, but I found something that might interest all my self-reliance and prepper-minded friends.

At the front counter, they have free US road maps. Now the maps also have a list of all Cracker Barrel locations in the US, but that’s not the point. The point is…free map.

If the grid goes down, your going to need paper maps. You’re also going to have to know how to read one. I know, it’s sad, but most people these days have no clue how to get from here to there without Google or Siri giving directions turn-by-turn.

Here’s what I suggest…

  1. Head over to Cracker Barrel. Enjoy a meal with your spouse. Grab a map.
  2. Click on over to HERE, and I’ll send you a map local to your state along with instructions on planning bug out routes.
  3. If you have the maps and still want the instructions, click HERE.
  4. Be sure to stock each bag with a map. They’re small, cheap, and lightweight. Have one in each car, ¬†each get home bag, and each bug out bag.

Stay safe and know where safety is if things go bad.

PS…These were at my local Cracker Barrel in TN. If they don’t have them at yours, I apologize. I hope you still enjoyed a good meal!

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