The Sunspots They are A’coming!

I received this notice from my cable and Internet provider last week and thought I’d pass it on for those of you who weren’t aware. If you think anything could happen at any time in terms of sunspots, coronal mass ejections, and others solar emissions, then you’re right. Messing with my watching The Walking Dead on Sunday night is the least of it.

Sun may interfere with some Fi TV networks

Seasonal changes in the sun’s position can cause interference with TV signals transmitted between Earth and satellites, including many Fi TV networks. This natural phenomenon occurs twice a year and may affect programming you watch March 4-9, mostly between Noon and 5:30 p.m.

You may notice interruptions like picture freezing, pausing or a total loss of signal. This interference generally lasts a few minutes and Fi TV picture quality will restore automatically.

Fi-Speed Internet, Fi Phone and local TV affiliates WDEF, WDSI, WRCB, WTCI and WTVC will not be affected.

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