Training for the Apocalypse by Delivering Pizzas

I like to present opportunities to train for the apocalypse or simple everyday bad situations by giving options in the here and now.

I know a guy from a prepping group I spend some time with that delivers pizzas. The guy is a lunatic (in a good really funny way) and very pleasant to be around. I absolutely love hearing his stories about delivering pizzas in bad neighborhoods.

So I started thinking about the lessons he’s learning on this job, other than how to keep it hot ‘n ready and navigate traffic well. The biggest lesson I could think of is how his situational awareness skills are off the chart. I’m not saying you need to be paranoid to deliver pizzas in the bad part of town, but this guy can probably hear a fly take a whiz if it’s anywhere near him.

One of the most common things I run across with preppers I know is that they don’t commit any time at all to realistic training. They’ll buy a lot of stuff, hoard a lot, and talk a good game about all their preps, but when it comes down to actual, not-in-a-classroom training, forget it. Somebody could get hurt doing that kind of stuff, right?

If you want some really good training in situational awareness and a few extra bucks to help buy your stockpile of Mountain House, then get a part-time job delivering pizzas. When you do, apply for a spot in a rough part of town. Don’t grab a Papa John’s near the mansions. Grab a seedy Domino’s near a high crime zone, especially one where young hoodlums are known to hang out on street corners and sell drugs.

I promise, in no time at all, you’ll be dodging bullets and practicing evasion maneuvers in your car.

Here’s a great article on the dangers of pizza delivery.

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