Here’s your semi-regular update of things to check out before the apocalypse. Enjoy!

Remember, if you have to be here for the end of the world, at least make it so you can enjoy it.

Does your house float? Check out this article from the New Yorker to evaluate the seaworthiness of your home. This is really relevant to me, as I live in coastal South Carolina. I’m pretty sure many of you live near other types of flood zones as well.

Repackaging meds for your escape bags. Here’s an article from ITS Tactical on that. I carry a select list of meds in all my bags from my GHB to my BOB. You should too.

Mapping a Zombie Outbreak. Zombies sound cool, but we’re really talking about any kind of outbreak here. I attended a college class a while back that explored a zombie outbreak through epidemiological research. It’s actually really scary to look at how outbreaks spread in today’s global society.

Nikwax Tech Wash– This is a product I recently bought and sued. Between me, my wife, and my kids, we have a lot of technical rain and snow gear lying around. All of it was overdue for new waterproofing. This stuff is really easy to use. It rewaterproofs your gear in the washer. I bought the twin pack and used both. I highly recommend it.

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