Liberty vs Safety During the COVID-19 Crisis

Last night Governor Henry McMaster of SC closed all beaches and waterways in the state. See his action below…

I have my own questions and concerns here and would like to open a discussion of liberty and freedom vs safety. An interesting side effect of this crisis will be the discussions and changes in regard to this and a multitude of other issues across the nation. There are sure to be lots of hearings and suits in regard to Constitutional matters once it’s over.

Here are concerns and questions I have…

Why aren’t public safety personnel doing their job and enforcing laws and measures already enacted? Are they giving up, as the police in Dallas did, or do they simply not want to try? Are the heads of DNR and SLED in SC not up to the task given to them?

At what point do responsible citizens stop suffering for the sake of the idiots?

Are these restrictions similar to ones enacted post-9/11?

Will these emergency powers go back to pre-COVID once this is over or will it be a rerun of the Patriot Act run amok?

At what point does safety and public health trump individual liberty?

Will these restrictions serve to further increase the divide between the wealthy, the slowly disappearing middle class, and the poor? Lower income people have nowhere to go except for public space.

I’d love to hear your questions and concerns as well.

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