Get Home Bag Resources

As promised in the lists we provide for Get Home Bags, Bug Out Bags, and Off the Grid Bags, here are resources for many of those items.

The items shown below are the ones I carry and believe in. If there’s an item on your list that is not shown below, it’s because anything will do. An example would be your bag itself. I’ll leave that up to you depending on your gear, storage location, and particular needs.


Nalgene 32oz Wide Mouth Bottle. Great for drinking, making soup, pee bottle, and any number of tasks.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter. Lifestraws are for suckers who don’t mind getting their face close to the gators.

Mini Maglite with Filters


Tenergy Batteries. The best batteries for long term use and storage.

Gerber Multitool. I’ve carried one of these for almost 20 years, and it’s never had a snag.

Pocket Size Duct Tape

P-38 Can Opener

Be sure to check out other posts on this page for resources for the other bags and kits.

Get your bags ready. Don’t try to get mine!



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