Rugged Dad Workout Plan

A lot of dads have been coming to me with requests for workout ideas either during or after quarantine.

Here’s a sample template I’ve been giving most of them. It’s a basic intensity so up it or lower it as needed with the goal always being to increase it as time goes on.

It’s based on minimal equipment and expense, and everything should be done outside if possible.


  • Off day or do something unique at half speed, such as a long leisurely bike ride, walk with your wife, or play with the kids.


  • Kettlebell workout
  • Sword-fighting drills


  • Ruck with 30-50# for 3-7 miles


  • Bodyweight Challenge


  • Strenuous bike ride. Distance will depend on where you ride.


  • Kettlebell workout
  • Sword-fighting drills


  • Go Big Workout. Do something farther, faster, or longer than any of the other workouts, like a really long bike ride, weight session, hiking, or kayaking. This is the time to push yourself.


 Fine Print

  • Consult a doctor before beginning because you might die if you don’t.
  • Each and every day should begin with a flexibility session immediately after waking and again before bed.
  • Include a warm up and cool down with each exercise element or you’ll soon wish you had.
  • The exercises mentioned are each an EVENT, usually around an hour each. You should also complete at least 5 MINI EVENTS throughout the day that lasts just a few minutes, such as stretching, a short walk, or a set of push-ups.
  • Fit the EVENTS in whenever works best with your schedule, be it day, evening, or wee hours of the morning.
  • For each and every day, unless your wife and kids are a part of your workout, do something physical with them. This physical thing should feel more like play than a workout.

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