Camp Fare Trail Foods Review

I’ve eaten a ton of trail food ranging from really crappy stuff in the Marine Corps to fresh food cooked for me on a campfire while climbing Kilimanjaro to my own meager cooking attempts at trying to make Mountain House pouches taste better.


For these meals, my wife also made the homemade version of the same meal so I could try them for comparisons sake. Although my wife’s stuff tasted better (I’m maritally obligated to say this), I can attest that the ingredients in the Camp fare meals are top notch. You can’t get better than this in pre-packaged meals.


For my reviews I ate the Tikka Masala, Beef Burgundy, and the Wild Alaskan Salmon. The first two were good, but the salmon was superb. It was like a salmon filet straight off the grill and seasoned perfectly.


I also cooked them three different ways- water kettle with boiling water, tap water as hot as it could go, and water straight from my coffee maker. Aside from the level of heat offered, the consistency was similar. With that said, the hotter it is, the better it was in flavor.



Amazing food.

Great ingredients.

Much better than standard camp food.

Gourmet offerings.



Heavy to carry when backpacking.

Appearance. All of them but the salmon looked like stew mush when made. However, this didn’t affect the flavor any.

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