Dads- Wake Up and Stock Up!


If, after all that’s happened, you still don’t have a decent emergency food supply for your family, it’s time to wake up.

Recent developments in China completely unrelated to the Wuhan Flu (COVID) are going on as I type. Like everything else, we all hope this disaster is averted, but if it isn’t, get ready for part II of 2020 to shape up even worse than part I.

I could just parrot a bunch of stuff about the situation, but it’s simply easier to send you over to Glenn Beck’s description of it. Click HERE for his report.

You can check out my Prepper University series for more detailed info, but here’s my quick and dirty plan to store food fast.

  • Be sure your pantry, fridge, and freezer stay stocked with enough food for 30 days.
  • Stock enough canned and packaged food beyond the pantry for another 30 days.
  • Start buying long term storage food. Start with something like Mountain House or Readywise and go from there. Just keep adding to it as funds and space are available until you have enough for a year’s worth of eating if nothing is available at the stores. One year is the goal.

There’s a lot more to a proper emergency supply list, but this will get you going.

Above all else, as you prep, DO NOT let people know what you have or that you’re even stockpiling. This is for your family. Your main priority is your wife and kids!

Help others by spreading the word and encouraging them to prep as well. be vague when they ask questions about what you have. Just tell them the “one year supply” is something you hope to have someday.

Stay rugged. Stay safe.

Dr. Redbeard, Rugged Dad Prime

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