Prepper University- Food Volume 1


***2022 UPDATE- Now is your chance to purchase a PDF copy of a book that Amazon deemed too dangerous to carry.

This compendium used to be listed on Amazon, but was recently delisted because of a small document buried in the book about making Emergency Baby Food. When the Baby Formula Crisis occurred in 2022 during the Biden administration, many books with material regarding self-sufficiency in certain key areas were removed from Amazon without notice.

Mine was a victim of the purge, after having been on Amazon for several years.


Welcome to one in a series of many Rugged Dad of the Apocalypse Prepper Compendiums. This one focuses several different aspects of food, including creation, preparation and storage.

Here’s the versions of this book in order of importance:
1. Print. Yup, like a regular book you put on the shelf and everything.

2. PDF. This way it’s stored electronically, and you can print specific pages at will.

3. Kindle. This way you can read it on all your devices, at least until the world ends.

This book is a self-study manual that is part of a larger series of courses and texts that comprise Prepper University. For more information on a formal learning process to prepare you for the apocalypse, get in touch.

Available from me:

PDF format

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