Try new things on a regular basis.

I have a lot of folks go through my coaching program, a small group session, or sit in on one of my keynotes, and they want more. I would usually just point them here, to my newsletter, or tell them to follow me on social media.

But they still wanted more than that. They didn’t just want to follow like a spectator. They wanted to be a part of the action, especially now that I own a test farm, The Midgard Homestead, where a lot of what I’ve taught over the years has been put into practice.

With people spread out all over the world, I wasn’t sure how to do that. Or at least what the best way was.

Turns out the perfect platform for this kind of interaction has been right there under my nose the entire time…


I have tons of friends on there and know of several celebrities who use it with great success. I just never thought of it for me.

Now I have.

Check it out. It’s a great way to be involved in all the action and be a part of it if you choose, especially as a guest on the new podcast or visiting the farm.

I look forward to seeing you on there.

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