FREE Do Not Knock on My Door Vaccine Sign

It’s coming.

Like I saw another friend say online, you’re crazy if you did Nazi this coming. Door to door searches and questions about “Papers, please!” Yup. It’s here.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re anti-vax, vax-curious, or pro-vax, this is about your personal privacy.

My graphics dynamos made up a sign for you to post at your door. It’s free. Just right click and save the image. Then print it out. I would suggest you laminate it or put it in a plastic page protector before you hang it outside.

Here’s some guidelines to follow:

Activate the video camera on your phone before you answer the door.

DO NOT make any threats or be anything but nice. These doorknockers are likely going to be employed by DHS, and any threats or belligerence could easily result in a felony.

DO NOT let them inside. Talk to them through the door or on the porch.

Politely ask them to read the sign and leave.

Take a ‘plead the 5th’ attitude. Don’t lie or make up answers. Just politely remind them that you will not disclose any medical information unless required by law or with your medical provider.

If there is any trouble, call your local sheriff or 911 to report a trespasser who refuses to leave your property. If applicable, tell the police that there is more than one of them and that you feel threatened. Do this within earshot of the doorknockers.

Brief your kids on what to do when ANY stranger knocks on your door.


Be smart and stay safe my friends.

Dr. Dave


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