Join Us for a 9/11 Ruck Event this Saturday!


In honor of 9/11 we’re doing a special ruck event this Saturday in Easley SC!

Most years we simply honor the event and the fallen by attending a memorial service, but this year our family wanted to put some sweat into it.


Here’s the details:

Location- Doodle Trail starting at the trailhead in Easley.┬áPlenty of parking, bathrooms, and even a playground there. On your phone, just enter “Doodle Trail Easley”.

We chose this location because it is a handicap and stroller accessible paved trail. The Doodle is built on an old railroad bed.

Cost- FREE. Although you can join us for free, we are partnering with the Travis Manion Foundation this year for any donations. Click HERE for more info on them and to donate.

Distance- 5K (3.2 miles). We’ll walk out and back on the Doodle Trail.

Time- At 1003 hours, the time that Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania, we’ll have a short prayer and start walking.

What to Bring- Bring a flag to carry if you have one and carry something heavy if you can.

The ‘heavy’ thing is symbolic of the effort and sweat we want to put into our remembrance. You can carry a weighted backpack, a kid, or a kettlebell. For minimum effort, I always recommend at least 10% of your bodyweight.

You’re also more than welcome to push weight in a stroller or wagon or even walk with us without extra weight.

Be sure to bring water as well. Yes, you can count it as part of your weight.

What to Wear- Whatever is comfortable to walk in. Patriotic shirts are perfect. If you have a three-piece suit with an American flag on it, please wear it! I’ll probably wear my camo kilt.

After the Event- Afterward, everyone that wants to is more than welcome to follow us over to Chipotle and Rapid Fired Pizza in Easley and join us for lunch. Pay for your own meals, of course.



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