Officials asking about your homeschooled kids? Here’s what to do… 👮

I’m pretty up on doing homeschool after several decades at it…or at least I thought I was. I thought my record-keeping and attention to the requirements was bulletproof until an outsider questioned it.

My oldest kid joined the Marines last week. They had questions about curriculum, dates, etc. Not that I did anything wrong, but it forced me to go back into my records to find a few things that should’ve been front and center.

Based on my own experience and questions from some of the homeschool families I coach, I also got to thinking, what if a more stressful event happened, like…

  • Someone showing up at your door unannounced asking about your kids?
  • What if they were accompanied by the sheriff?
  • What happens if they’re really pushy and aggressive?

So I put together a quick and easy primer on what to do.

My goal with this is to make you feel safer and more confident homeschooling your kids.

It includes:

  1. How to prepare for a visit BEFORE it happens
  2. How to get your kids or babysitter ready
  3. What to do if it happens
  4. And a small reference card to keep right by the door.

You can find it on Amazon (print and digital) or Etsy (digital only), depending on your preference.

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