Is the Pennsylvania-Ohio Train Derailment Following a Script?

Now, before I get started, let me state up front…I don’t think the Pennsylvania-Ohio train derailment is a government conspiracy.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t trust the government. I mean, you can’t even trust them to do paperwork right, but I think the entire train derailment and subsequent chemical catastrophe is a bungled response by a train car full of clowns than anything.

Since covid, a lot of folks have characterized years and their accompanying disasters by their resemblance to apocalyptic movie plotlines.

In 2020 I am Legend came true. A global pandemic brought on by a lab created virus and it’s cure. If only Will Smith wasn’t so busy playing the cuckold, maybe he could come up with a cure for this one too.

In 2021 we’re seeing the beginnings of Children of Men. A world where the population is dying because babies are no longer being born. Forget low birth rates. How about a zero birth rate? The side effects of the many covid vaccines on both men and women plus the radical drop in testosterone levels in men just could be bringing this one about if not stopped.

But there is hope. You should see the cost for unvaxxed sperm on the underground market. It’s there. It’s just really expensive. I may just look into this as a side hustle.

Then we enter 2023 with a bang!

As I write this, three different train derailments have occurred, with the one along the Pennsylvania-Ohio border being the worst one.

The Federal government has been oddly silent so far, to the point of completely ignoring the fact that it happened. Because of that, I’m having to rely on local and independant news reports. These will stop at some point, because law enforcement in the area have already started arresting reporters.

Here’s the gist of the event:

  • In February 2023, 38 train cars derailed, causing a fire which damaged 12 more cars.
  • The train was carrying toxic chemicals and combustible materials.
  • The massive fire sent thick toxic smoke into the air, over the town, and moving outward to other areas with the air currents.
  • In an attempt to prevent more explosions, a controlled burn and release of the other chemicals was done.
  • All in all, there’s a massive amount of toxic chemical pollution in the air over much of the eastern United States.

What happens when rain moves in and the chemicals come down in the water?

That’s where we get our 2023 movie apocalypse…

If you want to find out what happens watch the TV series Rain on Netflix.

Don’t get it on you!

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