Can you believe being a bald white guy with a beard killed my business?

I’m rebranding Rugged Dad and all my prepper stuff!

For years I’ve been building a business teaching all kinds of prepping stuff, from the basics like first aid all the way up to living off grid like a caveman with solar panels.

But it never took off.

You know why?

It finally dawned on me that I was a small fish swimming in a crowded market where all the other small fish looked just like me.

Most people teaching and selling prepping stuff look like this:

  • Bald or balding
  • Long beard
  • White guy
  • In their 40s to 50s

It’s like I was cut from the “prepper guy” template.

You know what else I found out…

Stay tuned for the next email, and I’ll tell you more about where I’m headed with the new focus.

I think this next part is going to be way more interesting because it will impact most of you more than anything else I’ve done for my business.

See you tomorrow!
Dr. Dave

P.S. I double dog dare you to email me back with more ways I fit the stereotypical prepper guy mold. Make it fun! I can take it.

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