Most ____ (insert name) are a bunch of stuck up know-it-alls

I picked the wrong audience with wacko doomsday preppers!

So yesterday we talked about how I looked and acted like a stereotypical prepper.

Some of y’all offered even more ways that was true:

·         Always carrying a knife or three

·         Big truck

·         Always wearing hiking or tactical clothes

·         Never met a gun I didn’t want for my collection

I said I could take you poking fun at me, well…because it’s all true. That’s my truck in the pic below.

You know what else was wrong with my previous effort?

I had the audience all wrong.

I was trying to either teach prepping stuff to preppers or I was trying to turn non-preppers into preppers.

First off, a lot of preppers are stuck up know-it-alls. They know everything there is to know about everything, and they’re quick to judge you if you don’t.

“You mean you don’t know how to start a fire with two twigs, a dime, and bad thoughts about the government? Are you even a prepper?”

And second, trying to talk a non-prepper into being a prepper is pretty overwhelming:

“Here, let me give you this 1000 item list of things you need to fit into your backpack before the zombie horde arrives at your neighborhood in two hours.”

I’ll be honest. It wasn’t fun trying to reach either group. It wasn’t very profitable either.

You know who I had the most fun teaching?

Normal people

I really enjoyed teaching normal people who didn’t know much about prepping and didn’t want to.

I enjoyed helping the guy who texted me back and forth trying to find the best way to clean water in an emergency? (My answer- a Sawyer Mini all day long!)

I had a blast talking about my Bug Out Bag to a group of mostly moms at a homeschool conference.

I had fun helping a family put together good first aid kits for their cars and house.

You know what they all had in common?

They were ordinary people who just wanted to be a little safer and protect their families in mostly everyday emergencies.

That’s who I want to help most, and I’m betting that’s most of you.

I’m betting you’d like to feel safer and more confident and take care of those around you better.

Dr. Dave

P.S. Email me back with an idea you’d like to learn more about. For example- I had a single mom email recently asking about how to teach first aid to her son with a disability.

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