Would you enjoy it if a trainer called you an idiot in class?

I got my audience dialed in.

Turns out it’s most of you.

Perfectly normal people who just want to be a little more prepared for when life throws you bad events.

Then I realized I needed to be the right kind of trainer to help you out.

I’ve taken a lot of classes over the years. Because of my work with disaster emergencies for the government, a ton of those classes dealt with prepping.

Overwhelmingly, most typical instructors, both preppers and government types, were jerks and acted like I was an idiot because I didn’t already know the information they were passing on.


Dude, I wouldn’t have signed up for your class if I already knew the information.

I’ve never been that way (I hope), and I pledge to never go over to that dark side with you.

Here’s an example.
When I teach a first aid class, we have lots of fun and half the class ends up covered up in gauze like living mummies.

This young lady was really excited she got to use sanitary napkins to bandage her boyfriend’s fake neck wound.

You know why I like teaching and passing on information like that?

If it’s fun, you’ll remember more of it.

You’ll also be more likely to ask me questions about things you’re not sure about. Kind of the philosophy that the only stupid question is the one not asked.

Then one of these days one of you just might be the person patching me up and making me laugh and feel better while you do it.

I’m trying to avoid the term prepper and that stereotype these days, but I do like to think I put the PEP back in prepping.

Stay tuned, because the next message is going to tell you how I’m going to do just that…and most of it is totally FREE.

See you tomorrow!
Dr. Dave

P.S. Tell me the worst experience you’ve ever had with a teacher being a jerk.

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