Is it okay if I ask you for help with an emergency?

It’s absolutely okay…or it should be.

We should all be able to ask others for help when we need it.

That’s what I’m finding is the big problem with Everyday Emergencies.

We’re too afraid, embarrassed, or prideful to ask for help most times.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ll get a phone call or a text and the subject is…

“Should I go to the hospital?”

…followed by a photo of some gnarly injury or their kid’s thermometer reading over 103F.
My goal with everything here at Prepared is:

·         To make you confident enough that you don’t have to ask that question as often

·         To make you the go-to person that others call

·         To give you Me as a resource to learn how to handle these things

It could be an email…
“Hey Dr. Dave. Here’s what happened last time my kid fell out of a tree.

Could you create a resource on how to manage a broken bone until an ambulance arrives?”
Or even a text…
“I need help. This is in my front yard.

It’s a little late right now, but can you work me up a plan to deal with this next time?”
So, now I’m going to ask you for help.

I need you to sign up for my new Prepared email newsletter.

You can do it right HERE.

It’ll come once a week.

Totally free.

It’ll include a new topic each week, boiled down to the basics, and also a handy one page resource to download and print for reference.

Go ahead and sign up right HERE.
Thanks for helping out!
Dr. Dave

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