Thank you to everyone who joined my Prepared(*) newsletter list!

I just wanted to thank everyone who joined my Prepared (*) newsletter list during my launch last week.

My goal is to…

  • give away a ton of free content
  • provide access to resources
  • direct you to the experts

…that will help you stay safe in emergencies and know how to protect others as well, especially your family.

Read on, and you’ll get a glimpse of how each newsletter will proceed.


The first section in each newsletter will be a short lesson delivered in bite-size chunks. I don’t want to overwhelm you, but I will give you enough info to keep you out of trouble.

Download- Each time I’ll have a one-sheet resource of the lesson for you to print for your safety binder and save in your computer files.

Real Life Case Study

With each lesson, I’ll present a short case study of the lesson in action.

Some of these will focus on my own experiences and some will be stories drawn from others. I’ll even throw in examples from fictional sources every now and then.

Coming Soon OR New Resource Available

In this section I’ll highlight a new resource available from my team, a recommended resource from someone else, or a course or something currently in development.


The first ones are already going out to the new subscribers, so jump in soon if you haven’t already.

Sign up HERE.

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