“Come with me if you want to live!”

Today I’m just going to introduce myself. I figure I need to earn my stripes with you since I need you to trust me and take to heart my message, which is…

To teach you how to keep yourself and your family safe in everything from Everyday Emergencies to full-blown zombie takeovers.

This is me nowadays…

This was me in a previous occupation…

I’ll give you a really short bio, but by all means, ask me more if you’d like to know more. I love telling and swapping war stories. You buy me a coffee, and we’ll sit for hours.

  • From 17 on, I’ve worked in occupations where I carried a gun and people shot at me or tried to blow me up.
  • Joined the Marine Corps while in high school and worked in amphibious operations, which kept me true to my Viking roots.
  • Went into the Army after that and became a combat medic.
  • I was recruited out of the Army to help start up the Department of Homeland Security right after 9/11.
  • Beginning in the Marines and running even to the present, I’ve been involved in prehospital emergency medicine, doing everything from being a paramedic on an ambulance to running disaster hospitals after natural events like hurricanes and terrorist attacks.
  • There’s tons more like my black belt, Mensa membership, over a hundred published works, doctorate in counseling, and more but we can talk about all that later.

It’s that 30-plus years in emergency deployments and experience that I call on most here with you.

It was not only my job to stay alive (definitely my main job!), but I often fell into a role of teaching others how to do the same.

For example- a tent full of people waiting to be seen by a doctor after Hurricane Katrina makes an ideal classroom to talk about how to purify water, avoid packs of stray dogs, or deal with looters.


First Aid and CPR Classes!

For some of you this is required for work, but for ALL OF YOU first aid and CPR is a must know kind of thing.

I can teach and certify now if you need classes- live or online.

Aside from the basics- first aid (basic and advanced), wilderness first aid, CPR, AED, bloodborne pathogens- I am currently working on some other more specialized classes as well.

I can teach adults and kids. All my kids get recertified annually to keep it fresh.

Check with me if you’re interessted in this.

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