Today’s lesson…Can a Tiny First Aid Kit Work?

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You’re in for a special treat with this week’s lesson. It’s a special video edition.

Quite a few readers have asked for more videos, so I filmed a quick one for you out at the lake.

I hope you enjoy.

Small and works just fine.

Compact First Aid Kit
Disposable CPR Mask
Dry Bag


Wallet Size First Aid Manual!

Until you take my First Aid class and get some training (and you better take it as soon as you can!), I found the perfect pocket size first aid manual to carry in your compact kit.

This little fold out booklet is info-packed. Honestly, you’ll be surprised how much info is in here.

I highly recommend you get one of these for each of your kits- backpack, car, house, work, etc.

You never know when someone who needs some training might be the one working on you!

Snatch them up on Amazon right HERE.


This is my core philosophy on preparedness.

Get prepared NOW as best you can with what you have. It’s better than nothing.

Stay simple. Don’t complicate things.

Upgrade and level up as time, money, resources, or training are available. Never stop improving.

Train and practice often. Always think of yourself as an amateur.

Don’t get complacent. Anything can happen anywhere.

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