Today’s lesson… A Water Purification Review and Case Study

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I covered clean water for individuals in a previous email. If you don’t have that one handy, you can always access old newsletters on the Prepared website HERE. It’s in the content section where you can search by topic for any of the newsletters.

I’ll also attach the one-sheet round up again below in case you need to download it for your files.

In that newsletter, I recommended the Sawyer water filter as my go to choice for individuals. Recently, I came across a case study published by Sawyer about their work in Fiji bringing clean water to entire areas of the island that needed it.

I hope you enjoy it.

*If you have any trouble reading it on your phone, email me, and I’ll be glad to email you the images.

I’ve been asked by a few families what I can do for them beyond basic training, information, and resources.

The simple answer is, a lot.

Family Fortress is that answer.

There are various levels to Family Fortress that include:

  • Onsite training for your family
  • Development of emergency plans for the most common or serious possibilities
  • Unlimited email support for questions
  • A secure cell phone number to access me anytime, day or night during an emergency
  • Field deployment to your familiy to help deal with a emergencies onsite
  • And more- Family Fortress is individually tailored to your family’s needs

In the past, families have asked me to help with-

  • Emergency plans for the home- fire, home invasion, natural disaster
  • Calling me during a car trouble event to help walk them through changing a flat tire
  • Setting up safety plans for the kids getting to and from school
  • Training the entire family in First Aid and CPR
  • Calling for onsite help in evacuating for a hurricane

If you’re interested in Family Fortress, please contact me directly at


I am here to serve.

If I can help with anything, feel free to reach out here or on social media at Facebook Instagram YouTube

Opportunities to Serve You:
If you have a related business (prepper products and training, fitness, manliness) and would be interested in appearing in the newsletter, get in touch.

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