Today’s Lesson…Important Update on Several Previous Lessons

I originally created the last three lessons with a horizontal configuration for the one page round-ups, but a few folks pointed out that all the others were vertical and these latest ones didn’t work as well.

So I redid them in a vertical orientation.

And they do look better.

Even though I’m admitting I didn’t do it perfect the first time, please don’t tell my wife. I may or may not say that I’m always right, and I don’t want to ruin that pedestal of greatness that she places me on.

Click on the images below to download NEW one page round-ups of the last three lessons.

Thanks for understanding and also for letting me know where I could improve something. You’re always more than welcome to reach out to me on things like this.

Dr. Dave

PS- I also had some questions on where these sheets came from. They’re from my disaster medicine deployments. These are actually FEMA handouts that we would pass out when we responded to large disaster events. I saved copies of them over the years and wanted to pass them on to you.

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