Family Fortress

I’ve been asked by a few families what I can do for them beyond basic training, information, and resources.

The simple answer is, a lot.

Family Fortress is that answer.

There are various levels to Family Fortress that include:

1. Onsite training for your family

2. Development of emergency plans for the most common or serious possibilities

3. Unlimited email support for questions

4. A secure cell phone number to access me anytime, day or night during an emergency

5. Field deployment to your familiy to help deal with a emergencies onsite

And more…Family Fortress is individually tailored to your family’s needs


In the past, families have asked me to help with-

*Emergency plans for the home- fire, home invasion, natural disasters

*Calling me during a car trouble event to help walk them through changing a flat tire

*Setting up safety plans for the kids getting to and from school

*Training the entire family in First Aid and CPR

*Calling for onsite help in evacuating for a hurricane


If you’re interested in Family Fortress, please contact┬áme directly at