Tired of school shutdowns and virtual learning?

Want more freedom in choosing what your kids learn?

Have a desire for more safety or religious freedom than the public schools offer?


Maybe it’s time to try homeschooling.

I have five kids and have been homeschooling for over 17 years. I’ve also taught innumerable parents at gatherings and groups how to not only homeschool but also how to make it fun and exciting.


Having some fun recreating a Lion King scene.


With recent changes to education in America and the threat of a shutdown or virtual classes every day, more and more families are choosing the freedom, fun, and independence available to homeschoolers.

I’ve made it my mission to help families deschool their children. It’s a scary prospect if you’ve never done it before, and there’s a million moving pieces that can be daunting if you don’t have a guide. My goal is to make it simple, easy, and build your confidence as the absolute best teacher your child can have.

Here’s how I can serve you and your family:

1- Do-It-Yourself

I wrote the book Deschooling Your Child just for new homeschool parents who want to check things out or try to do things on their own. It’s a low cost way to get started. Click on the book title, and you can purchase the book in print or electronic format.

2- Seminar

I conduct lectures and seminars on homeschooling all the time. This is the route most often taken by churches or groups who want me to deliver general information to a large group all at once or even speak on a very specific topic.

For example, I’ve taught large groups of parents how to get started and set up their curriculum, and I’ve also taught specifically how to use comic books for education or sword-fighting for PE class.


3- Personal Site Visit

I would be more than happy to spend the day with you in your home and personally walk you through setting up your family for a lifetime of amazing educational experiences.

A full day (or more if needed) with you and your kids includes:

  • Answering all your questions and listening to your concerns and fears
  • Help with the official paperwork required by your state and school district and recordkeeping requirements
  • Selecting and ordering all materials you’ll need for curriculum
  • Planning out a year of schooling for your children
  • Examining not only your goals for success, but also taking your child’s interests into account
  • For visits of more than one day, the second day will include a field trip with instruction on how to make just about any excursion educational.


Potential benefits of my Functional Curriculum Method:

  • Schooling is geared to the passions and pace of your children
  • Graduate early
  • Begin college while still in high school
  • Maximize life experience and outside normal school hours education


Please get in touch for any of the above options or if you have any questions. This is a passion project for me, so I strive to make it as affordable as possible.