Prepared- Is Your Car Ready for an Emergency? 🚗

Today’s lesson…Is your car ready for an emergency?

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A lot of you spend as much time in your cars as you do at home (or at least it feels like it). I don’t spend a lot of time in my car because I have a home office, but when I am in my car, it’s usually for one of two reasons…
• I’m on a long road trip for work or a deployment
• I’m on a short trip with all the kids in there

Both of those reasons make it ever more important to have my car ready for emergencies because…
• I’m away from home in unfamiliar or dangerous territory
• I’m carrying precious cargo with my kids in the car

This week’s lesson is on basic car emergency preparedness.

In later editions, I’ll focus on car preparedness for special situations like snow and ice travel, overlanding, driving therough Mexico, and more.

You absolutely need to have an emergency kit in your car because car issues are one of the most common Everyday Emergencies you will encounter.

Don’t just prep your car either.
Prep your spouse’s car.
Your kid’s cars.
Your parent’s cars.

I hope I’ve impressed upon you the need and importance of a car kit.

Be sure to snag the one page round-up below for a basic checklist.

Don’t forget- the one pagers always include extra information not found in the email above.

If you print these out for hard copies, go ahead and file this one under “Transportation”.

Real Life Case Study: My Vacation Fiasco

A few years ago, on the way back from a vacation, we had a tire blowout that also blew out our gas tank.

This all happened on an interstate in Macon GA with our entire family (me, wife, and 5 kids) in the car.

The situation got worse as both the police department and fire department refused to help us and forced us to walk all of our kids several miles up the intertstate.

Aside from no injuries and no collision with other vehicles, this was still a near-worst case scenario for us with the danger from the gas tank explosion to the trek up the busy interstate.

After getting the 911 calls through a Freedom of Information Act request, I published them. If you’d like, listen to them and try to imagine yourself and your kids in a similar situation.

911 Calls from Me

911 Calls from Bystanders


I Need Your Help with Researching Jump Starters!

I am currently researching car jump starters.

The one shown above is the actual one I’m researching, as it’s the one that was available at Sam’s Club.

It’s the NOCO Boost X Car Jump Starter.

I would love your input on jump starters if you have one or have researched them.

Give me the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So far, no issues with this one. I am finding that it’s good for five jumps on my truck before it needs recharging. My starter has gone bad, so it’s getting some good field-testing.


This is my core philosophy on preparedness.
Get prepared NOW as best you can with what you have. It’s better than nothing.

Stay simple. Don’t complicate things.

Upgrade and level up as time, money, resources, or training are available. Never stop improving.

Train and practice often. Always think of yourself as an amateur.

Don’t get complacent. Anything can happen anywhere.


I am here to serve.
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